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Helping you discover ways to gain more freedom by controlling your food sources, eating real food and storing food for daily use. Solutions on how to feed and supply your family without big government, big business, or big agriculture. Start giving your money and support to companies who are just like you and want a healthier and freer world for everyone.

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4 days ago

Getting past Societies "Norms", Be true to yourself

6 days ago

Do you really understand how long it takes to get your food from inceptions to table? It's longer than you may think. Once your mindset adjusts to food time reality, planning becomes much easier. 

Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Episode 5:  2 of 7 series Mindfulness and Knowledge: bio-engineered and GMO Food. Why you need to avoid them. 

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

A 7 part Series on Mindful and Knowledge for Food Freedom. 
Part 1 5 reasons to buy local and buy small even if you are buying online. 

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

9 myths busted about saving seeds, because you can and should save seeds for a healthier garden and a healthier you!

Thursday Sep 07, 2023

Every month, we take the most popular quick questions and create a bonus question and answer podcast. 

Thursday Sep 07, 2023

Do you need to define or have a name for your food freedom philosophy? Some people do and some don't. Join me for a quick conversation on becoming align with other like-minded people. Or maybe you don't have to. 

Thursday Sep 07, 2023

Do you want food and supply freedom without always depending on big government, big business and big agriculture? Then you've come to the right place. 

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